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Imagine how wonderful it would feel to get through your day with a little more calm and a little less stress.

We work, we parent, we run a household, we make time for our friendships and relationships, we work our way through a seemingly endless list of jobs and chores and that’s just on a quiet day.

We’re stressed, tense and exhausted. Our necks are tight, maybe our shoulders ache or we suffer from frequent headaches. We know this is all really bad for us but we have no idea how not to be stressed… which makes us feel even worse!

So imagine how amazing it would feel to simply stop for a while, take some time out from your hectic schedule and spend it immersing yourself in total relaxation. No inbox, no kids, no to-do list. Nothing but peace, relaxation and calm.

Maybe you'll decide to experience a wonderfully scented aromatherapy massage, breathing in the fragrant oils and feeling your stresses drift away. Perhaps you opt for a calming and theraputic deep tissue massage complete with fluffy towels, warm oils and gentle music playing. Or you might decide to spend your time experiencing and learning some deep-relaxation techniques that are then yours to use whenever you feel things getting on top of you.

You return to your normal life feeling relaxed, rested, energised and with a sense of calm, clarity and focus.

We’re all capable of breaking the cycle of constant stress but sometimes we need to remind ourselves how to relax. More calm, less stress.

My name is Anna Stone and I created Calme Therapies in order to help people on their way to a less stressed and more enjoyable life.

I am fully qualified in aromatherapy, several forms of massage therapy and relaxation therapy. That means I can offer effective and therapeutic massage treatments to help with various physical symptoms of stress such as neck tension, frequent headaches and back and shoulder pain. I can also support you further by teaching you simple but highly effective deep relaxation techniques so you can learn how to manage your own stress and therefore improve your well-being.

I offer a range of treatment options, from one-off sessions to more thorough courses of treatment. I work from my calm and relaxing treatment room based in Colchester, Essex and am within easy reach of Ardleigh, Boxted, Great Horkesley, Nayland, Mersea, Brightlingsea and surrounding areas .

I am a member of the FHT and I am on a register accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. I also hold full insurance for all treatments offered.